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Academic Program Office

Academic Program Office (APO) as the name suggests is where decisions concerning all the academic aspects are undertaken. From the time of induction to graduation of students the complete responsibility of planning and implementing all academic and development related activities of the students, is that of the APO. This makes the Academic Program Office the core of MITSOB. It forms a bridge between the students and other departments of the business school, while extending a guiding hand to the students.

The focal responsibility of the APO is towards the students and the faculty of the business school. Information from other departments is collected and then forwarded appropriately to the students, and feedback is taken from the students and is notified to the departments concerned. It's a two way communication relation as depicted in Figure 1.


Prof. Mr. Avinash Deshpande Head APO
Mrs. Manasi Gokhale Co-Head APO
Mrs. Ashwini Nadkarni Student Co-ordinator
Mr. Parag Washikar Jr. Student Co-ordinator
Mrs. Jui Gokhale Jr. Student Co-ordinator


Prof. Mr. Avinash Deshpande 9822894756
Mrs. Manasi Gokhale 9881192503
Mrs. Ashwini Nadkarni 9881748601