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Business Club

Faculty Incharge:  Prof. Dr. SS Haridas & Prof. Kavita Ingale

The club aims at creating awareness and highlighting the importance of resources and using various techniques to convert these resources for economic gain through practical activities like mock stock, currency trading, brand guru etc. It further focuses at giving people insights about the corporate world and gives a platform for the students to harness their skills and abilities to become good future mangers.

The club tries to provide real-world exposure and a greater understanding of their personal strengths and career skills — as well as the know-how to effectively apply them to attain their professional goals.


Creativity Club

Faculty Incharge: Mrs.Vedashree Mali.

About The Club: The Creativity Club is a subsidiary of the ArtsClub which works for the MAEER circle. It is our immense pleasure to introduce the club at the institute level to give a stimulation to the creative mind of the MITSOBians.

Club Objective: To give platform to the students to express their creativity by arranging unique events.


MIRAGE – The Cultural Club

Faculty Incharge: Prof. Dhrupa Bhatia

About The Club:  The dictionary meaning of Culture is, "Relating to the arts and intellectual activity." This is the literal meaning and in plain term it is group of activities which are related to the arts and culture.

India is known as a land of customs, rituals and arts. It is rightly acclaimed throughout the world for its unity in diversity and schools, being mini India, where children from different religion. Sects, Caste and creeds are studying under one roof. So to inculcate the idea of uniformity among them, the institution has taken initiative of introducing cultural club.

Mirage – The Cultural club is at the heart of MITSOB helping the students harness their exclusiveness and portraying it the way it is supposed to be.The club acts as a platform to help the students develop and enhance their abilities and talents in the areas of Dance, Music, Drama etc.

Mirage aims at making the life of students at MITSOB truly interesting and rewarding via events such as MITSOB Idol, MITSOB Dance Idol, Dahihandi etc.The club receives enthusiastic participation from senior and junior batches in a variety of events conducted almost every month in the academic year. It helps them to relax and take a break from the routine and get a chance to allocate time to their hobbies and interests outside of academics.

Participation in cultural activities results in enhancement of the personal skills and experiences like confidence; self-presentation; teamwork and collaboration; time management and organizational skills; self-awareness; self-discipline; open mindedness to move beyond boundaries and experiment with different ideas; communication skills; the ability to cope with criticism and learn from them resulting in a whole new developed, changed and an improved person.

Club Objective: The club operates with the following objective:

Promoting a vibrant campus experience through organizing innumerable activities pertaining to the performing arts and cultural activities bringing people from all walks, interests, and ethnicity come together in ways that stimulate lifelong learning, and community interaction.

Club Objective: To give platform to the students to express their creativity by arranging unique events.



Faculty In-charge: Prof. Bidhan Datta

About The Club: The club established on 19th Nov 2014.

Club Objective:The objective of Engineers' Club is to organize various activities by keeping in mind about students benefit. The club also aimed & focused to bring about an overall change & development in the individual.


Phoenix Club

Faculty-in-charge: Prof. Aparna Nashikkar
About the Club: The club helps students to gain experience by participating in various competitions so that they earn a competitive edge and perform marvelous tasks.

Club Objective: To create a competitive environment such that students mould themselves to face the competition in and across the academic and competitive corporate world and make
themselves fit for survival in life.

Rotaract Club of Rupantar

Faculty In-Charge- 1.Prof. GpCapt.D.P.Apte(Director) & Prof. Moumita Pal-Sharma

Club objective- The Club focuses on the social welfare of the society by helping the needy people and trying to return back to the society. Rotaract Club of Rupantar is a youth based organization for the students and alumni of MIT School of Business to serve the society. In this globalized era, people are getting busy with their hectic lives and their lavish lifestyle is affecting their perceptions and way of thinking. The word 'Help' is nowadays fading in the life of the people and this is what our club "Rotaract Club of Rupantar" is trying to bring it back in their lives to create internal satisfaction.

The basic motive of the club is to help that segment of the society which is in need of a gentle push to regain their existence. The club was established in the year 2007 under the able guidance of our Ex-Associate Director, Prof.Col. N.RamGopal who shares the passion to take efforts and spare time for the under-privilegedsections of the society.The club enjoys a huge membership who by their own free will, involve themselves in lending a hand to the needy and motivate and guide people around the college to do the same. Following are the social activities carried under the leadership of the 31st batch students which will further be carried by the new office bearers of the club for the year 2015-16(32nd batch).


Vimarsh Club

Faculty In charge: Prof.Dr.N.J.Chavan

About The Club: VIMARSH Club was established in the academic year 2008-09 under the able guidance & foresight of Hon'ble Director Prof.(Group Capt.) Deepak Apte & Hon'ble Associate Director Prof. (Col) N.Ram Gopal. Earlier to its formation our students were participating in co-curricular & extra-curricular competitions organized by other renowned B Schools & Academic bodies. However it was thought by its founders that the Club should have a formal structure. Hence the formation of the Club. The office bearers are all students of the Senior& the Junior batches of the Institute & a few students of the senior batch forming the Core committee assisted by Student Representatives of each division/section of the juniors. A faculty is deputed as the head just to monitor the smooth functioning of the club in accordance with the principles & philosophies of MITSOB.

Club Objective:

  1. To facilitate the overall development of the personality of the students.
  2. To motivate the students for undertaking various activities that would sharpen their managerial skills-analytical, contextual/conceptual & organizational skills.
  3. To give an opportunity to our students to meet, interact with the students of other renowned B schools across the country.


Photography Club

Faculty Incharge: Prof: Shripad Joshi

Club Objective: to encourage the student's hidden talent of photography and to give them a platform to show their talent.


Editorial Club

Faculty in charge: Prof. Avinash Deshpande
About the Club: The Club is about making sure students get to know about the recent happening in the business world and they stay connected with application and implication of their studies. Furthermore getting students to observe and analyze events and relate them with the strategies adopted by different organization for different purposes, by making them participate in events organized by us. For students who are part of the club their writing skills are enhanced.

Objective of the club: The club, by releasing BCAPSULES (bi-monthly) intends to give the students a quick recap of the happenings in the business world and the industry. Further, the aim is to develop a liking for reading newspapers and to conduct activities that encourage this.


Sports Club

Faculty In charge: Dr Rajendra Bartakke

About The Club: MIT-SOB has very active Sports Club. MIT-SOB not only believes in education but also the overall development of the students. Sports Club helps the students to learn various managerial skills that students may not be able to learn in a classroom (Leadership, co-ordination, Honesty, Sportsman Sprite). Sports Club organizes Indoor as well as outdoor sports and motivate and helps students to participate in various inter college sports events. MIT-SOB Sports has organized various inter college events. Through Spots Club students participate in various tournaments.  MIT has playground where sports like Cricket and football intra college tournaments are organized on regularly basis.  Sports Club also organizes Badminton tournament in WIE complex which the one of finest badminton courts in India. Institute also has in-house facility for sports like box cricket, table tennis, chess, etc. 

Sports-Club has also encourages girls' participation by organizing cricket and Badminton tournaments especially for girls. . To encourage girls participation Sports Club has girl's SportsCoordinator.

Club Objective: - Promote physical fitness through sports activities.