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Message from Vice-President & Executive Director

"It is the broadening of your thinking process that will teach you to succeed even in unlikely situations."

The British came to India to trade in spices. As traders, they witnessed the fall of the powerful Mughals and the disintegration of Marathas. They immediately stepped in as rulers. With industrial revolution they shifted to import of cotton and export of fabric and other industrial goods. Thus, a handful of British became the political and economic masters of a large subcontinent with a rich civilization. To us as Indians, this is a sad story of misfortune. To a global student of management, this is a case study for understanding how to see different opportunities in a fluid political and economic situation. At MITSOB, you will find a forum for open discussions on all business issues. You will feel encouraged to examine typical as well as atypical solutions to every problem. It is this broadening of the thinking process that will teach you to succeed even in unlikely situations. I feel great pleasure in welcoming young and inquisitive minds to the scintillating environment at MITSOB and look forward to see several more success stories to spring from the platform that we have created with great interest and hard work.


Prof. Rahul Vishwanath Karad
DBA, Cardiff Business School, UK,
OPM Harvard Business School, Mass, USA
Executive Director, MITSOB