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Staff Testimonials

"I have been associated with MIT School of Business from last 15 years. The institutes professional approach, timely guidance and support made me to achieve all my goals and objectives of life, by striking a fine balance between my Family and work."

Thank you MITSOB!
Prof. Dr. S. Haridas


"I would like to thank the MIT School of Business for giving me the opportunity to perform and bring out the best capabilities within me. The institute gave me the platform to realize my potential and made my career transition possible. I am grateful to all my colleagues of MIT family who rendered their support from time to time and made me comfortable to excel in my journey so far. I look forward toward the same support from MITSOB."

Thank you MITSOB!
Dr. Supriya D. Paigude


"Many people would put it this way that I have been associated with... However, I would like to change this to: I am a part of this institution for the past 7 years. I've grown, learnt, dreamed and transformed with my time here and making a living in this process was just a bonus. There are far greater things to life and MIT School of Business (MITSOB) that not everybody can see. There is companionship, friendship, leadership, apprenticeship, affection and fun here. With all this, I cannot contemplate a future without my colleagues and students. I'd like to end by saying, "There are something that only get better with time and my life at MITSOB walks the same path "

Thank you MITSOB!
Dhrupa Bhatia


"I am proud to be associated with MIT for more than 15 years now! If I take a walk through my career with MIT then it would be a book of fond memories. I wish to express that MIT is a small family over thousands of students and a lot to be accomplished to mould careers of the student community.

I have been handling the administration work for not only one wing but other wings of MIT Group now, and it has been a long journey with up's and down's in life yet we have been united together as a team and striving hard to achieve all milestones. I am sure we would lay these milestones as strong foundation for near future.

I am glad to be here as MIT has complimented me with immense responsibilities along with trust. It, not only loads tasks but also leads with tremendous support, knowledge and gives an opportunity to achieve with sense of satisfaction."

Thank you MITSOB!
Uttam Padwal


My Life @ MIT School of Business!

10 years ….. A memorable journey! I mean, it has been a steady journey for me from a raw fresher to a fine tuned HR Faculty and Administration folk. Yes! I joined here as a fresh recruit and today I am responsible for entire HR Establishment and Administration for MIT School of Business.

During my journey here as an associate of MIT; it has incorporated lot of values, principles along with discipline to accomplish my professional and personal goals. And not only that I have complete freedom to initiate and take additional responsibilities for betterment.

I would also like to share the fact the MIT has always been helpful to balance my work and life as for me my profession is important but also my quality time to my family, friends, hobbies, passion.
I truly cherish being an "MITian"!

Thank you MITSOB!
Hemant Joshi