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Students Testimonials

Vishwal Shah
Tata Technologies

"One major highlight about the PGDM program at MIT School of Business is that it takes a step back from the conventional teaching methods. It encourages us to criticize which management practices are appropriate, in what circumstances, and why. The program was a great experiece which sharpened my professional skills, broadened my perspective and gave me a better understanding of what it takes to be an executive manager."


"Being a student of MIT school of Business was valuable experience. Pedagogy based on Case study method is strong suit of MITSOB. It instilled an extra ordinary approach in me to dig in deeper into the subject matter to solve a certain problem. It taught me how to spend long hours scavenging for answers to your problems without loosing your calm. MITSOB inculcated diligence, integrity and confidence in me before I stepped in into the business."

Ms. Akruti Ambade
Catenon Group


Mihir Dighe
Deloitte India

The Journey at MIT-School of Business is nothing less than a Roller-Coaster ride with new opportunities and experiences constantly coming your way and enabling you to test your calibre and capabilities to the fullest. The college throws at you various opportunities every single day, it is your duty to identify them and grab them.
 From Day One I developed keen interest on what’s happening in college on all fronts be it the academic curriculum or be it the extra-curricular activities to keeping a tab on the placements that were happening back then. I was extremely enthralled and decided that I will take every opportunity and make the most of it be it even the slightest of task. This led to the beginning of the wonderful journey at MIT-SOB.
The Director and the faculty member helped me at every point and the College Placement Cell guided me on every point in this journey. I am extremely lucky to be placed in Deloitte which was the first and the last company that I applied for!  Even after an early placement the work did not stop and I took many projects after the placements as well.
 I personally am highly indebted to MIT-School of Business and I would only say one thing that- ‘Always be truthful in whatever you do and glory and accolades would follow suit. Even if they don’t follow take it as a learning experience and this would help you in evolving as better human being in all walks of life’.


"MIT School of Business has been an excellent facilitator of knowledge and  skills for me. Captivating faculties at MITSOB are always evoking interest and attention in a powerfully irresistible way during classroom sessions. Case study and extra curricular activities in presence of more than 13 clubs provided me countless value addition material in order to groom and improve my personality."

Mr. Shobhit Mishra
IPlace USA


Pankaj Singh

Two years at MITSOB has been what I expected to learn when I decided to pursue post graduate degree. Teaching is focused, rules are discipline based, case studies are useful and overall growth mentally and knowledge wise are satisfactory. Also being a part of extra-curricular groups like Corporate Relations Cell had given enough corporate exposure to make me ready for the real world.
In my words, MITSOB was a big decision I made and I am never going to regret it.